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Chinese New Year: RED PLUM BLOSSOM

From the Confucius Classrooms Program of Andalusia, we warmly congratulate you on the Chinese New Year, in the hope that the Year of the Ox will bring Good Health, Happiness and Luck around the Globe.

This year, our greeting card has been written by Adriana Díaz Segura, a 4th Grade Primary student at CEIP Madre de la Luz, headquarters of the Confucius Classroom in Almería, where she is studying Chinese. On the card, the New Year’s celebration is presented as the commemoration of the beginning of the new life, symbolized by the red Plum Blossom. You will also receive a video in which the students of the eight Confucius Classrooms express their warm congratulations to you for the New Year.


Happy Year of the OX!